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From the Edge to the Core and up to the Cloud, Zentech IT Development Healthcare Solutions is the IT partner of choice for healthcare providers.  Our experience encompasses small community hospitals as well as urban mega-health systems with multiple campuses.  Need to cut costs and improve management?  Our healthcare IT solutions provide the latest technology, but we’ve been around long enough to understand legacy environments too.  We work on-premise and in the cloud – you’ll have great choices to achieve your goals.

We’re with you for the long-term.  You can count on Zentech IT Development Healthcare Solutions.

Hospital Emergency Management

Patient Engagement Solutions

Wireless Healthcare

Healthcare VDI

Patient Engagement

Take control of your patient care and enable your staff while increasing satisfaction scores.

Wireless Healthcare

When workflows, point-of-care, and guest happiness depend on connecting, the expectation is 100% uptime.

Healthcare VDI

Bring patient care home and to the bedside without the security concerns.

Medical Data Management

Get help managing the large expanse of medical data needed in today’s healthcare environment.

EHR Infrastructure

Create an EHR Infrastructure providers and patients can rely on.

Medical Image Archives

Find a better way to access, store and archive medical images.