Zentech IT Development Healthcare Solutions

Zentech IT Development Healthcare Solutions provides cost-effective solutions that increase the efficiency of healthcare providers; the technologies we offer allow patients to return home earlier than expected, while still allowing them to keep in touch with their physician. With home health monitoring, physicians can now monitor and assure patient health at a distance, reducing hospital occupancy levels and costs. In emergency facilities and clinics, automated questionnaires allow patients to report their medical history and ailments, providing physicians and nurses with critical information about symptoms from the very start of the consultation. Such technological solutions save medical teams’ precious time when treating each patient.

Our IT experts have decades of experience building secure networks that protect sensitive data, so that your institution can benefit from these cutting-edge solutions, while having the peace of mind that your data is protected.


  • Telehealth solutions for reduced hospital occupancy
  • Cost-effective and customized IT products for increased efficiency
  • Home video visits (HVV) and home care solutions for reduced operational costs and emergency room wait times
  • Disaster recovery and risk management services for healthcare providers
  • IT infrastructure optimization and security for healthcare institutions

at Zentech IT Healthcare Solutions, 90% of our clients are in the healthcare industry. We support both covered entities and business associates and understand the deep responsibility of providing HIPAA compliant IT services. We released our own HIPAA compliance program in September, 2013.

Recent cyber attacks on hospitals and small practices serve to underscore the relationship between IT and patient outcomes. We understand what it takes to support a true mission critical environment.

A well managed IT infrastructure becomes invisible when managed properly. Let us take care of the technical details while you focus on patient outcomes and growing your business.

Protect your business and meet compliance requirements with:

  • Privacy and Security Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation Projects
  • Multi-layered HIPAA compliant cyber security framework
  • Proactive HIPAA compliant IT services
  • Consulting for any of your business associates to protect your business

Let  Zentech IT Development Healthcare Solutions bring the same level of professionalism and expertise to your IT infrastructure as you do to your patients and clients.

Zentech IT Development Healthcare Solutions for your Healthcare Company

A reliable IT Support company who can keep up with your demands is essential. We understand that you work in a fast paced industry, and require immediate support to help fix any issues whenever and wherever they happen.

We know the unique nature of healthcare and the challenges you face, such as:

  • New HIPAA regulations
  • Threat of cyber security attacks
  • Support for remote working
  • Support for mobile devices

We are proud to support and ensure uptime of your systems, providing support for third party applications and will liaise with the vendor should any issues arise.

You can be assured that we will take the time to understand your specific business needs and devise a tailored solution which will enhance your productivity and help you get your work done faster.